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Accutech Pest Management: Severna Park Pest Control Specialists

Accutech Pest Management has built a solid reputation for providing exterminators to realtors, homeowners, and property managers throughout the state of Maryland. Although our headquarters are in Severna Park, we also serve clients in places like Glen Burnie, Annapolis and Anne Arundel County.

Leave Pest Control to Our Experts

If you're dealing with a sudden problem with unwelcome pests, it can seem worthwhile to try and tackle the issue yourself by relying on store-bought products. Unfortunately, those products are not only costly, but can be ineffective too.

Rather than dealing with the hassles of store bought products that can be complicated to use and not able to resolve the situation, give us a call instead. We'll send exterminators to you to diagnose the problem, and propose an effective course of action.

Improve Your Life, Support Your Livelihood

Rodents, termites, and other pests can quickly interfere with quality of life for everyone in your household. Some can carry diseases, while creatures like bedbugs are harmless to humans, but leave bothersome bites on the skin.

Also if you work as a realtor or property manager, your career depends on being able to provide clean and welcoming conditions for tenants. By offering services such as termite removal and animal control, we can take care of pests so you're better able to focus on attracting new clients to properties, and satisfying those who are already occupying your units.

We also offer preventative measures like turf management, plus septic and well inspections, along with gutter cleaning.

Pest Control Professionals

Whether you need assistance with an animal control issue, termite removal, or bedbug problem, we are ready to help. If desired, you can make payments and order realtor-specific services like property inspections directly online.

Contact our Severna Park office today. Customers living in areas of Maryland including Anne Arundel County, Glen Burnie, and Annapolis depend on us to keep thir properties pest-free.